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“When a mother nurses her baby, she is giving that child her name, her story, and her life’s song.”

~Annie Kahn (Round Rock, Traditional Wisdom)

Personal & Professional Breastfeeding Support

Heather Elkins Lactation Consultant

LACTATION Consultations

RootLove Lactation supports your breastfeeding journey with professional, personalized care. Lactation support is available in the comfort of your home, by telemedicine/phone, or at a local office in the heart of Boulder, Colorado.

I offer evidence-based information with compassionate guidance to empower you to meet your breastfeeding goals. Breastfeeding provides optimal nutrition and so much more, including physical and emotional benefits for the breastfeeding parent and child.  My work honors the connection among all these important factors.

Why hire an IBCLC?

An IBCLC is the highest level of specialization attained in the field of lactation training. An IBCLC works in tandem with your health care professionals to make sure that you have the best lactation routine and care, especially in high-risk or challenging situations. Seeking professional help when it comes to breastfeeding can help you overcome the many challenges that can arise.

Lactation consultants do so much more than check your baby’s latch.  Here are some breastfeeding issues & education that I can help with:

  • Identifying the cause of breast or nipple pain that you’re having (from plugged ducts, engorgement, mastitis, etc.) and providing you with a treatment plan to feel better
  • Assessing and correcting latch and positioning challenges
  • Assisting with post-frenotomy (tongue-tie release) oral exercises and suck training
  • Managing slow weight gain in a way that protects and preserves breastfeeding
  • Strategies for safe and effective supplementation
  • Support for pumping, including exclusive pumping
  • Treatment for oversupply and overactive letdown
  • Managing baby’s acid reflux
  • Learning ways to interact with your baby to promote optimal development, including healthy eating and sleeping habits
  • Induced lactation, re-lactation, and chestfeeding
  • Prenatal preparation for breastfeeding
  • Support for adjusting to new parenthood
  • Creating a plan for when you return to work
  • Starting your baby on solids in an age-appropriate manner

About Heather Elkins, IBCLC

Board-Certified Lactation Consultant in Boulder, Colorado

I provide lactation support for breastfeeding/chestfeeding families. My care is family-centered, providing up-to-date information and recommendations on infant feeding and nutrition. I value the individual experiences of my clients and I tailor my support to honor their goals. 

Lactation Consultant Heather Elkins
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